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Gantry type Machining Centre for Nesting operations, particularly recommended to work on slabs in composite material, light alloys, PVC and usually on plastic materials.
  • Particularly indicated for the mass production of details and panelling of big dimensions, in all those fields where is requested a good construction quality, performances, easy use and reduced dimensions.
  • 3 axis (X, Y, Z) managed by CNC.
  • Useful working surface: 4050 x 2040 mm
  • The locking system for the material being machined – usually in sheets – uses a vacuum system, the installation of which is completely integrated into the machine’s frame.
  • The machine is equipped with a suitable top made of Bakelite with grid work for the application of the vacuum, especially designed to host the transpiration tops.
  • Swarf extractor system able to grant a perfect clearing of the working area.
  • "The tool magazine is situated on the mobile gantry; up to 7 types of tools can be physically loaded."
  • Automatic selection of the working areas which allow to manage the support plane for the panels to be machined in 3 separated zones.
  • Machine programming executed by a powerful CAD/CAM applicative able to create 2D or 3D CAD geometry.

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Top 4020 Syntesis