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Automatic corner clearing machine with 4 cutters groups

  • Equipped with 4 groups of cutters for removing the bead from the outside corner
  • Completely automatic work cycle with pneumatic locking of the workpiece and automatic feeding of the group of cutters controlled entirely by the PLC
  • The groups of cutters are mounted on a rotating table set on predetermined positions
  • Independent rotation of the spindle for each group of cutters
  • Adjustment of milling depth is entrusted to an adjustable mechanical stop, specific for each group
  • The upper & lower knives and the cutter unit can be used separately
  • Quick change?over of the upper & lower knives for the cleaning of the coloured acrylic profiles
  • The machine can be equipped with additional upper and lower pneumatic units for cleaning the channel through which the seal passes
  • Automatic device for frame positioning and start working cycle when detecting the introduction of the profile
  • Automatic identification of the type of profile entered

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