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Double head welding machine for PVC profiles

  • Double head welding machine with mobile unit (on the right) with manual translation.
  • Welding at 90° on the fixed head, welding from 45° to 180° on mobile head.
  • Pneumatic clamping of the mobile head with automatic release at the end of the cycle in order to facilitate the extraction of the welded piece.
  • Extremely versatile, with easy access to the parts needed checking and adjustments.
  • Fully automatic work cycle electronically managed by PLC.
  • All shifting motions are on ball recirculating slidesways.
  • Heated weld seam restriction knives, adjustable from 0,2 to 2 mm, for perfect welding of standard and acrylic coated profiles.
  • Controlled adjustment of the melting time for perfect welding according to the profile section.
  • Low pressure blocking devices providing maximum safety for the operator.
  • Easy and quick changing of the profile back fences.

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