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4 axis CNC floor-type vertical spindle machining center
  • 4 axis (X, Y, Z, A) managed by CNC.
  • By means of dedicated tools it’s suitable for working on 5 sides of aluminium, PVC and steel sections.
  • The work pieces are held by means of 4 pneumatic vices on the mobile beam, that can be positioned on any angle between +125° and -125°.
  • The rotation is directly managed by the control cycle.
  • It offers a high programming functional capacity by using a three-dimensional graphics software.
  • Electro-welded base designed to grant maximum rigidity and functional capacity of use.
  • The axis slide on precision profile guides with ball recirculation and are driven by motors operated with digital systems.
  • The vices slide on ball recirculation screws, and can be positioned manually by referring to a mm-scale and a laser pointer.
  • By using the disc cutter it is possible to carry out end-milling operations on both the ends of the work piece (end-milling cycle).
  • Milling operations can be performed with linear and circular interpolation of the axes X,Y,Z.
  • The 2 hinging length stops are foldaway and with pneumatic control.
  • The useful stroke for working bars is 4000 mm; for longer pieces, the differentiated machining cycle can be used, up to the double of the useful stroke (8000 mm).
  • The electric spindle is suitable for quick tool holder change.
  • The change of the tool holder is AUTOMATICALLY managed.
  • The tools magazine is positioned in the middle of the basement, inside a protected area. It can store tool holders for milling, threading, end-milling and also angular heads.
  • The tools cooling is realized through a centralised minimal system.
  • All slide ways and ball recirculation screws are lubricated through an automatic centralised system.
  • Pre-arranged to use a set of tanks to collect swarfs.
  • Pre-arranged to connect a motorised belt conveyor.

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