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5 axis CNC floor type vertical spindle machining center

  • 5 axis (X, Y, Z, C, A) managed by CNC.
  • Suitable for milling, drilling, tapping and cutting on the 5 sides of aluminum, PVC, steel and light alloys profiles; thanks to the 5 axis interpolation, the machine is able to execute composite cuts.
  • The X or longitudinal axis, the Y or transversal axis and the Z or vertical axis belong to the tool movement. They can be interpolated in linear and circular way on 3-dimension geometrical planes, belonging to X-Y-Z.
  • The C axis can be turned and positioned on all angles within 440° (± 220°); the A axis can be tilted and positioned on all angles within 250° (± 125°).
  • The axis slide on precision profile guides with ball recirculation and are driven by motors operated with digital systems.
  • The locking clamps slide on guide rail.
  • By using the disc cutter it is possible to carry out end-milling operations on both the ends of the work piece (end-milling cycle).
  • Milling operations can be performed with linear and circular interpolation of the axes X-Y-Z.
  • Available in 3 different longitudinal strokes: X = 7500 mm, X = 9400 mm, X = 11400 mm.
  • The hinging length stop are pneumatically managed.
  • The electric spindle is suitable for quick tool holder change.
  • The electrospindle is suitable for machining light materials, in particular aluminum, PVC and steel.
  • The rotating tool magazine with 18 positions is located on the carriage of the machine and thus reducing significantly the tool change time. It’s available (optional) an extra tool magazine with a saw blade till Ø 450 mm also placed on the carriage.
  • The tool change can be carried out into any position belonging to the working area.
  • Up to 18 types of different tools can be physically seated.
  • The tools can be positioned manually by reference to a metric rod attached to the base. The availability of the position is indicated by the operating system process control.
  • As standard there are no. 8 clamps, can be managed with pneumatic control in groups of four.
  • The working area of the machine can be used as a single working field or be used in pendular mode obtaining 2 separate working zones, so reducing significantly the loading and unloading time.
  • Using a drill, a frontal drill or a tool for threading you can work on any face of the profile, oriented in the space.
  • The same applies to the use of a disc cutter (milling cycle) or a circular blade (cycle compound).
  • The tools cooling is realized through a centralised minimal system.
  • All slide ways and ball recirculation screws are lubricated through an automatic centralised system.
  • The base is designed to convey the machining scraps toward the centre.
  • The machining scraps can be collected in suitable and manually extractable tanks.As alternative, a motor-driven conveyor with rubber belt can be installed, to eject the scraps outside the base.

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MC302 Geos-5
MC302 Geos-5